To Go Kits Now Available!

We know it's a scary time and things are changing so fast around us. We will do what we can to help combat boredom but this is new for us too so please bare with me as we set up online shopping for you! 

We will try to keep this as up to date as possible but if something is not available, we will substitute it for a similar item. We are not inflating prices but to make this easier we are just attaching our regular studio fee to the pieces, hence the $6 increase on the pieces. As of now you can still come and pick your own pieces as well. We have a lot more than what is here but we want to at least get our popular items out there for people to order. 

Our current hours are Monday - Saturday 12-6pm. We will notify you when it is ready and you can come pick it up between 12-6. We will gladly bring it to your car. 

Includes everything you need to have your own painting or craft night at home!